Saturday, September 5, 2009



Nak tengok macam mana rupa lembu?

Friday, September 4, 2009



Pilihanraya kecil Negeri Sembilan, Bagan Pinang terpaksa diadakan. Bila UMNO kalah di sini, itu maknanya nyawanya dah sampai di halkum.

ADUN BN bagi Bagan Pinang, Negri Sembilan, Azman Mohd Noor meninggal dunia di Seremban hari ini. Dalam pilihanraya umum lalu, Azman, 55, menang dengan mendapat 6,430 undi, menewaskan calon PAS, Ramli Ismail yang mendapat 4,097 undi.



Tempias daripada perarakan dan pemijakan kepala lembu, pelbagai pihak sekarang cuba untuk dapat kembali sokongan kaum India.

Both the Federal and Selangor governments are separately scrambling to contain the fallout from last Friday’s cow-head protest held by a group who oppose a plan to relocate a 150-year-old Hindu Temple to Section 23 here.

While the state government is hosting a dialogue session with all residents this Saturday, the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government is also considering holding an event to bring both Muslims and Hindus together to defuse racial tension.

The plan, which entailed roping in the assistance of Hindu Sangam, was proposed to the Cabinet by Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Noh Omar, who is also the Umno state deputy liaison chief.

According to sources, the Cabinet is also considering offering an alternative site to relocate the Hindu temple despite the fact that such matters fall under the jurisdiction of the state government.

The Malaysian Insider understands that Noh was forced to defend himself at the Cabinet meeting yesterday. He told the meeting that he did not instigate the Malay-Muslims of Section 23 to protest against the temple relocation.[Malaysian Insider]

Thursday, September 3, 2009



Indonesian police and soldiers search for quake victims during an evacuation at Cikangkareng village in Cibinong on Sept 3, 2009
Rescue efforts are being hampered as roads have been badly damaged

Rescuers in Indonesia are searching the rubble of collapsed buildings for survivors after a powerful earthquake, with the toll expected to rise.

At least 44 people are confirmed dead and thousands of homes ruined after the 7.0-magnitude quake hit on Wednesday.

More than 300 people have been injured and dozens are still missing.

Indonesian officials say heavy rescue equipment has arrived in the Javanese city of Cianjur, where many people are feared buried by a landslide.

Elsewhere, police, military personnel and villagers are using their bare hands to try to reach survivors buried in the rubble.

Desperate search

Thousands of buildings have collapsed in Cianjur, about 100km (62 miles) south of Jakarta, and the nearby town of Tasikmalaya.

Priyadi Kardono, spokesman for the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, said the toll could "change significantly" given the scale of damage, reports Reuters news agency.

Java map

"We are still searching for the survivors who might be buried under their houses or buildings," another disaster management agency employee, Maman Susanto, told AFP news agency.

"About 18,000 houses and buildings have been damaged," he said.

Rescue efforts are being hampered as several roads have been badly damaged, the BBC's Karishma Vaswani reports from the area.

As a result, heavy digging equipment has not reached the hardest-hit villages, she adds.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is due to visit the area later on Thursday.

Communications links to settlements on the south coast were broken by the quake, so the extent of damage and casualties is not yet known.

Fear and uncertainty

Villagers walk among rocks from landslide triggered by earthquake in West Java, Indonesia, 3 September 2009

About 5,000 people have reportedly sought shelter in makeshift tents. "They have taken refuge not only because their houses were ruined, but also because they fear there will be aftershocks," said local official Obar Sobarna.

The quake epicentre was about 115km off the south coast of Java, near Tasikmalaya.

Mudslides have inundated homes, collapsed rooftops and damaged properties in Tasikmalaya, including the mayor's home and a mosque.

The tremors were felt in the capital, Jakarta, 200km to the north, where hundreds fled into the streets from offices and shops.

A local tsunami alert was issued but revoked shortly afterwards.

The quake was also felt 500km away from its epicentre in Surabaya, Indonesia's second-largest city, and on the resort island of Bali.

In December 2004, an earthquake off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia triggered a tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people around Asia.

Our correspondent says memories of the 2004 disaster are still fresh in the minds of people.

She says the Indonesian government has implemented an early warning system for tsunamis since then, but it is not fully operational yet.

Indonesia sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, one of the most active areas for earthquakes and volcanic activity in the world.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Teringin juga nak kenal mereka yang mengarak dan memijak kepala hari Jumaat lepas di Shah Alam. Tetapi gambar mereka dah keluar dalam media, tak payah lagi lah nak kenal. Cuma den teperonjek tengok gambar mamat ni. Ingatkan Albrangi......

Penduduk Seksyen 23 Shah Alam yang mengarakkan kepala lembu sebagai bantahan isu kuil Hindu - mengadakan pertemuan dengan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein petang ini.

Rombongan tujuh penduduk dan wakil NGO Melayu yang terlibat dalam bantahan itu dijadual membincangkan penyelesaian kes kontroversi pemindahan kuil Sri Mariaman ke seksyen tersebut dari Seksyen 19.

Malaysiakini difahamkan, rombongan yang diketuai pengerusi jawatankuasa bertindak membantah pembinaan kuil itu, Mahyuddin Manaf (kanan) akan turut menjelaskan situasi sebenar yang berlaku dalam demonstrasi di di depan bangunan setiausaha kerajaan negeri Selangor di Shah Alam, Jumaat lalu, yang dipertikaikan banyak pihak.

Hishammuddin dijangkakan mengadakan sidang media di Kementerian Dalam Negeri selepas pertemuan tersebut.



PR Perak membuat sejarah dunia lagi. Mac dulu persidangan DUN pertama di dunia yang diadakan di bawah pokok. Hari ini persidangan DUN pertama di dunia yang diadakan di sebuah h0tel.

The pandemonium outside the state secretariat as police cordon the building from PR assemblymen.

IPOH, Sept 2 — Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) state assembly sitting today approved a decision by its rights and privileges committee to arrest and jail for six months Barisan Nasional (BN) Speaker Datuk R Ganesan and his deputy Hee Yit Foong for their role in the May 7 fracas.

The two were also fined RM500,000 by the assembly, which convened at the Heritage Hotel here with 23 PR lawmakers after they were forcibly stopped from entering the state secretariat building this morning.

Ganesan and Hee, who had defected from DAP, were elected to their posts after policemen removed Sivakumar by force at the state assembly sitting on May 7. Their appointments remain contentious because they were voted in amid chaotic scenes before Raja Nazrin Shah declared open the assembly.

Since then, Sivakumar has maintained that he remains the legitimate Speaker of the state legislature.

Today’s sitting, while slammed by Barisan Nasional (BN) as a political ploy, is a move by PR to maintain the stand that it still legitimately controls the legislature nearly nine months after a controversial power grab that is still being disputed.

Sivakumar presided over the assembly with no BN assemblymen present, even though sitting was arranged for them.

After the vote on Ganesan and Hee, the PR Speaker issued a directive for the police to take action and arrest the duo, but this is not likely to be executed as the authorities have said they do not recognise the sitting.

Among the other decisions made by the rights and privileges committee which was passed by the sitting today include further suspensions of BN Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abd Kadir, senior executive councilor Hamidah Osman and five other BN exco members.

With no way in, the PR legislators head to a hotel instead to hold their assembly.

The sitting also approved the membership to three legislative committees — on rights and privileges, public accounts and standing orders — with nominations made for one BN representative in each panel.

A final emergency motion condemning the actions taken by the police earlier this morning as well as the role played by the BN administration in preventing lawmakers from entering the state secretariat was also passed.

Earlier, police arrested three Perak lawmakers this morning, including state DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham, as they forcibly blocked a group of PR representatives from entering the state secretariat building here to convene a state assembly sitting.

The PR lawmakers, including former mentri besar Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin, who was ousted by BN in the power grab, were engaged in a scuffle with riot police before eventually dispersing.

Besides Ngeh, others arrested included Simpang Pulai assemblyman Chan Ming Kai; Malim Nawar representative Keshvinder Singh, who was kicked by policemen; and a Nanyang Siangpau photographer.

Three other members of the public, believed to be PR supporters, were also detained.

Keshvinder, who sustained injuries during the scuffle, has been taken to hospital.

Police had rolled out barbed wire and placed riot police with water cannons around the Perak state assembly, brandishing a court order barring assemblies within 30 metres of the area.

PR lawyers had tried in vain this morning to set aside the court order, but could not obtain an appointment with any magistrate.

Sivakumar had called for the sitting six months — as required by law — after the last sitting that was forced to be held under a rain tree.[MALAYSIAN INSIDER]

Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Dapat juga seorang spiderman panjat Petronas Twin Tower. Keluang man tentu nyorok dalam Batu Caves.



Walaupun jelas kelihatan elemen UMNO menghina ugama Hindu dengan mengheret dan memijak memijak kepala lembu, saya tetap tidak setuju kalau yang bertanggung jawab dalam kes ini dikenakan I.S.A.

Kalau mereka didapati bertanggung jawab dn bersalah, gunakan undang undang lain yang ada. itu sudah cukup.


Exco Kerajaan Negeri, Rodziah Ismail mempersoalkan 'double standard' yang diamalkan pemerintah kerana kelihatan hanya menggunakan ISA ke atas pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat (PR) yang didakwa menimbulkan isu perkauman seperti mana dilalui Exco Kerajaan Negeri Teresa Kok tahun lepas.

Bagaimanapun katanya, tiada tindakan dikenakan ke atas pimpinan atau penyokong Barisan Nasional (BN) yang menjurus kepada ketegangan perkauman seperti mana disaksikan dalam perarakan kepala lembu di depan Bangunan SUK pada Jumaat lalu.

”Ini jelas bahawa ISA digunakan oleh pihak pemerintah hanya untuk memburukkan imej pimpinan PR. Untuk menghalalkan penggunaan ISA, pimpinan PR dikaitkan pula dengan isu ketegangan perkauman.

”Maka saya tetap berpegang kepada pendirian bahawa ISA harus dimansuhkan kerana ISA telah memberi kuasa yang terlalu besar kepada Menteri Dalam Negeri sehingga bertindak secara selektif serta menafikan hak perbicaraan dan hak untuk membela diri seseorang,” katanya.

Monday, August 31, 2009



Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger
Wenger has reopened hostilities with Manchester United

Manager Arsene Wenger has accused Manchester United of adopting "anti-football" tactics during Saturday's 2-1 victory over his Arsenal side.

Wenger also claimed referee Mike Dean allowed the champions to "repeatedly foul" Arsenal players during the match.

He said: "I have seen a player make 20 fouls without getting a yellow card.

"If you have seen the game, you don't need me to tell you who but their player gets away without a yellow card. It's quite amazing," stormed Wenger.

After a 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford in 2004, Wenger claimed United had directly targeted his players.

This time, the Arsenal manager said the home team's approach went continually unpunished by Dean.

The referee, from the Wirral, issued nine yellow cards during the game, with six going to Arsenal, who will now face a Football Association fine for failing to control their players during the fixture.

But with United midfielders Darren Fletcher and Michael Carrick emerging from the game without bookings, Wenger claims that persistent fouling has now become a greater problem than diving.

That has become a hot topic again following Uefa's decision to charge Gunners forward Eduardo for simulation during the Champions League victory against Celtic last Wednesday.

Another Arsenal player, Emmanuel Eboue, was cautioned for diving on Saturday.

But Wenger said: "I have seen today a player [Eduardo] who plays only on the pitch, but there are other points that for me are more urgent - players who play only to make fouls, who make repeated fouls and are never punished.

"They get out of the game without a yellow card, but I think it is more anti-football than a player who did what Eduardo did.

"I have seen a player make 20 fouls without getting a yellow card. If you have seen the game, you don't need me to tell you who but their player gets away without a yellow card. It's quite amazing."



Sunday, August 30, 2009



Diberitakan seekor tiong akan diangkat jadi presiden. Tetapi kenapa teknologi yang digunakan di USA untuk mengenal pasti kes H1N1 serta merta masih tidak lagi ada di malaysia. Bukan kah amat perlu teknologi tersebut ada di Malaysia, kalau tidak, masakan sekarang dah 72 kes kematian disebabkan selsema babi ni.

Kenapa vaksin selsema babi ni lambat sangat sampai ke Malaysia?

Kepada tiong yang seekor lagi, teruskan tugas mu jadi ATM. Lepas tu gasak claim berjuta juta,.