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Dr M: Putrajaya need not apologise for Malay agenda

July 09, 2010
The NEP helped reduce the risk of race riots, claimed Dr Mahathir. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad reiterated his belief that the government must not be apologetic for its affirmative-action policies to help the Malay community, saying it helped to ensure public security.

“I think affirmative action is relevant. I saw that, for decades, the country has developed more rapidly under the New Economic Policy (NEP) and our performance outpaced other developed nations.

“If this is true then you can look figures of country’s economic performance during the NEP,” the former prime minister said during RTM’s forum on the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) at the Putra World Trade Centre last night.

The ex-premier claimed that the NEP has been fair to all the communities.

“We do not have to be apologetic with the Malay agenda. We just want peace and do not want [the] economic gap to cause racial conflict — especially when the rich is from one race and the poor is from another, [then] the risk of riots is higher.

“We just want a bit of the economic cake so that the Bumiputera can catch up. We want fair, and not equitable, distribution. We are only asking for 30 per cent even though we are 60 per cent [of the population],” Dr Mahathir added.

He also stressed that the Malay agenda was not bigoted and that it was important to allow fair economic distribution.

“The Malay agenda is not racist because we want fair distribution. Special attention is needed to be given to the Malay community because they [are] lagging behind in the economy. So if we give equal treatment to the poor and rich, then how will the poor catch up the rich?” he argued.

Dr Mahathir went on to defend the NEP from criticisms that it had failed to increase Malay equity.

“Our economy is bigger than 1971 when the NEP was introduced. So it might be seen that the Malay equity has declined, but in actuality it didn’t because the equity was not able to keep at pace with the rapid development.

“The economic cake expanded but the equity cake didn’t,” said the country’s longest-serving prime minister, who stepped down in October 2003.

According to him, the NEP should not be blamed for the country’s current economic stagnation.

“I found that several years after I resigned, there were changes made that caused our economy to decline. Our economic decline is due to internal problems but the country leadership at that time did [not] understand and couldn’t solve the problem so many foreign investors deemed our country as economically unhealthy,” he added, in apparent reference to his handpicked successor, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, with whom he had a falling out.

Dr Mahathir also denied that Barisan Nasional’s (BN) affirmative-action policies had let to its downfall in Election 2008.

“When BN won small in the last general election, many foreign observers said that the people are bored with racial based political parties. But actually they are not bored but disappointed with the leadership that does understand the people’s problem but only prioritised himself and family. So by default, they voted for the opposition to oust the leadership,” he said.

The country’s fourth prime minister also continued his attacks against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s New Economic Model (NEM), which right-wing Malays fear would end their privileges doled out under the NEP, which ostensibly ended in 1990.

“I think the 10MP is better than the New Economic Model because it gave attention to the problems affecting the Bumiputera. Many were not satisfied with NEM. The 10MP brings us to the core problem, and that is the distribution of wealth,” he stressed.

He also called on the Malay community to remain united or risk becoming a minority power in the country.

“We must not underestimate the minority because they know how to act simultaneously. In America, the Jews are only 10 million but they can still determine who can be the next president,” he said, picking on his favourite theme of Jewish domination.[Malaysian Insider]

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Setiap kali berlaku pengeboman yang atau segala bentuk terorisme yang dilakukan oleh orang Islam, dan kadang kadang targetnya ialah orang Islam itu sendiri, hati kecil saya menjerit dan meronta mengenangkan kebodohan yang dilakukan oleh orang Islam sendiri.

Sudah berjuta juta orang Islam terbunuh sesama sendiri kerana menegakkan pendapat yang mereka pegang, yang kononnya itulah yang sahih. Pendapat dan tafsiran mereka sahaja mengenai sesuatu perkara itu yang benar, sebarang NC atau non-compliance mesti dihapuskan secara kasar.

Soal mereka yang aqidahnya telah jelas terkeluar dari Islam itu bukan persoalannya. Tetapi adakah perlu dihapuskan seseorang yang semasa tahyat dalam solat menguit nguitkan jarinya? Yang sahih dan mesti diikut adalah satu pendapat sahaja?

Ini bukan soal Islam liberal seperti Aminah Wadood yang pernah mengimami solat Jumaat. Atau seperti nada sisters in Islam, tetapi ada diantara para ustaz yang bersifat langsung tidak toleran dengan pendapat orang lain sehingga menimbulkan ketegangan dalam masyarakat.

Ditambah pula kalau ustaz itu ada kepentingan keduniaan. Maka pertelagahan antara mereka menjadikan orang awam kebingungan dan berada dalam keadaan sukar. Berkawan dengan orang dari negara yang mengamalkan Wahabi, maka orang lain semua salah. Berada dalam masyarakat yang berpegang kepada Syafie, ada ustaz yang lang label semua yang lain tidak betul.

Kemudian ustaz dengan ustaz berperang. Saman menyaman antara satu dengan yang lain. Dalam hal ini kesemua pihak yang terlibat tidak boleh disandarkan harapan. Kesemuanya celupar. Pengalaman saya sekiranya dua orang suadara Islam bertelagah, boleh didamaikan. Tetapi kalau dua orang ustaz bertelagah, sukar dan payah dan hingga membawa mati untuk didamaikan.

Sebab itu saya sedih bila baca satu blog yang ditulis oleh yang lulusan Azhar mengkondem ulama ulama yang tidak sebulu dengan mereka. Saya tidak pernah kenal dengan Albani. Tetapi saya tahu dia seorang muhadithin zaman mutaakhir yang sukar ditandingi. Tetapi kalau setakat bawa balik ijazah dari azhar dah mendabik dan memperlekeh serta menghina ulama ulama yang tidak sehaluan dengan pegangan kamu, itu bangang dan pengecut namanya.

Adakah kerana Albani ini mempunyai kemahiran membaiki jam, maka ia layak dihina sebagai pariah? Bukankah nabi Daud pembuat baju besi dan Nabi Ayyub tukang jahit, dan kebanyakan nabi nabi adalah gembala kambing?

Ustaz bangang. orang awam yang bergelimpang





Difficult for MCA to regain lost support — Lim Mun Fah

July 07, 2010

JULY 7 — MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is right to say that the MCA is not ready to face a snap general election.

He also admits that the MCA has yet to fully recover from bruises of the one-and-a-half-year internal conflicts and he needs at least six months to a year to stabilise the party.

The problem is, it is easy to destroy but hard to build. Would six months or a year of time enough to change the situation of the party?

According to Dr Chua, there is still some time before the next general election and the people may change their minds at any time. Over time, they will find that the Pakatan Rakyat is not as perfect as they thought.

Dr Chua seems to lack confidence in himself and, thus, could only hope that the people will be totally disappointed by the Pakatan Rakyat and return to the Barisan Nasional (BN).

His attitude of not trying to reflect and save himself has shown his helplessness over the current political situation.

Voters seem to be indifferent to a series of people-friendly movements of the BN in recent days. The results of a few by-elections have shown that the basic political situation after the March 2008 general election has not been changed much. The changes, if any, would be the return of some Indian and Malay votes to the BN. But at the same time, Chinese votes have been flowing to the Pakatan Rakyat at a very high speed.

Such a trend has even extended to southern peninsula. Johor Baru, which has been regarded as a political bastion of the BN, is no longer a safe zone today.

The Pakatan Rakyat took control of five states after the 2008 general election.

The honeymoon period of the Pakatan Rakyat and the voters is surprisingly long even though the Pakatan Rakyat has carelessly lost control of Perak and has been entangled with infighting, defections and the issue of low quality MPs.

I believe that 90 per cent of those who supported the Pakatan Rakyat in the 2008 general election are still supporting it today.

The Pakatan Rakyat has vowed to go all out to win the next general election and take control of Putrajaya. Its plea to voters to give it a chance to rule the country after 50 years of BN rule is apparently gaining support

Many voters are willing to give it a try as they are fed up of the BN rule and am looking for change.

It cannot be said that the BN has made no contribution to the country at all over the past half of a century, but its long-term governance has also brought about corruption problems, including conspiracy between businessmen and officials, interest transference, abuse of power and racial bias.

Although the BN government has made some policy adjustments and changes, the people have not seen the actual results.

Unless voters are convinced that the BN has had a thorough transformation, those who have dumped the BN will never support it again. — [Malaysian Insider]

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Nak tau baca kat sini. Atau kat sini.

Walau bagaimana pun imej yang terpahat di subconcious anda itu yang diambil kira

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Assalamualaikum, dalam STPM gred Geografi saya A

Assalamualaikum, gred Geografi saya A

Assalamualaikum gred Geografi saya A

....dan seterusnya

....dan seterusnya

Daripada 50 orang pelajar, seorang sahaja yang dapat B, lainnya A, A-.

Masa aku kat UM, nak cari yang dapat geografi C pun susah.

Maka turunkan kelayakan ke D

Pun tak ada

Turunkan ke E

Pun sedikit.

Lama lama, siapa minat Geografi sila masuk. Ada STPM ke tak ada ke, ada SPM Geografi ke tidak ke, masuk je.

Yang langsung tak tahu baca peta pun boleh masuk ambil geografi.

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Kan kah kau orang telah lihat world cup bola. Semua bintang bintang malap.

Rooney malap. Ronaldo malap. Messi malap. Kaka malap.

Semua team mereka bungkus dan bungkus.

Bintang bintang bertaraf toad cap dacing juga malap. Langsung tidak gemerlap.

Tiada isu yang boleh diguna untuk sembelih PR.

Jadi, tiada PRU mengejut.

Tunggu sahaja PRU 13 pada November 2012