Saturday, February 27, 2010



I had the opportunity to visit Melaka again recently on Chinese New Year break. The scenario above would be something that you can find easily around the World Heritage area especially in Banda Hilir. But I noticed a difference.

When I was at lower primary school, the trishaw pullers were mostly Malays from surrounding kampungs close to Melaka town, and their age group was most likely in the forties and fifties. Last year, when I took a group of students to do their fieldwork in Melaka, the traits of trishaw pullers had not changed much. Most of them were in the same age group as the one shown above.
But I was surprised to find that the age group of trishaw pullers had changed recently. I saw young people engaging themselves as trishaw pullers, something which I have not witnessed for over a very long time. If that was to interest me, then little did I realize that more changes have come to Melaka. I managed to take this photo to register my amusement.Not only the men are busy peddling the trishaws, ladies also do not want to miss the cake, as this lady signals to you. The gender barrier of trishaw pullers had been broken, and now you have the gentler gender also in the business.

This is the issue which I'd like to pose to PAS Melaka. Do these changes mean anything to you? As you readers might have known, Melaka is the only state in Peninsular Malaysia in which PAS still fails to make inroads, and I am not sure what strategies they have devised in order to break this jinx. But to me, the changes which are shown here are very telling. If only PAS Melaka can read what's in between the lines.

Is the economic cake becoming more rosy?

Friday, February 26, 2010



Wishing all Muslims and all people of the world happy anniversary of the birthday of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Thursday, February 25, 2010



Been marrried for 31 happy years. Today is the anniversary day

Happy anniversary

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



The think tank that manages BN's political maneuvers must have grown tired of thinking. To such an extent that they are unable to think sharply and clinically. Whatever ideas or strategies they put forward clearly work to their detriment.

Their current thinking is if they stoke racial hatred, and inflame racist feelings among the people of Malaysia, the Malays especially, then the greater chance they'll get in the coming general election. For this reason people can witness that the authorities kept blind eyes on incidences like the cow-head procession, the dumping of pig heads in Muslims' places of worship, series of street demonstrations, and list goes on and on.

Little do they realize that things like the federal court ruling on the issue of the Menteri Besar of Perak, the second trumped-up sodomy charge against Anwar Ibrahim erode the very thing that they need to win elections.

Public trust.

Sunday, February 21, 2010




Apabila anda berada di persekitaran Masjidil Haram, pasti anda akan bertemu dengan kumpulan burung merpati. Anda perlu tahu, segala haiwan di Tanah Haram tidak boleh diganggu, apatah lagi di cedera atau dibunuh. Bukan sahaja haiwan, tumbuhan juga tidak boleh dipatah atau ditebang. Hatta batu atau pasir yang berada di tanah haram, tidak boleh dibawa ke tanah halal.

Memang menjadi amalan saya memberi burung makan setiap pagi, dan amalan ini saya sering teruskan di Tanah Suci. Begitu juga dengan ramai jemaah haji yang lain, mereka pun suka memberi burung makan. Dan memang ada orang yang menjual gandum sebagai makanan burung. 1 riyal je.
Tetapi mungkin juga anda akan bertemu bukan sahaja burung merpati yang minat dengan gandum yang dicampakkan, tetapi manusia juga berminat. Mengapa? Saya bertanya kepada seorang jemaah Indonesia mengapa beliau memungut gandum yang bersepah itu, katanya: orang kata gandum ini boleh digunakan untuk mengubati orang yang tidak dapat zuriat.

Memang orang ada memberi tahu saya, kalau nak mengubati orang sukar dapat zuriat, ambil gandum yang dicampak sebagai makanan merpati, kemudian gandum dimasak dan dimakan oleh yang memerlukannya.

Kepunyaan Allah di Tanah Haram tidak boleh diambil dan dibawa pulang ke tanah halal, hatta batu atau pasir sekali pun.

Begitu juga bijiran gandum ni.