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Patut le si samy sembelih dia, sebab kau ni cerah la.

Hi there! I am the eldest son of Mr. M.Sinnandavar and Madam Wong On Lan @ Kuyila. I am from a simple family and my parents worked hard to raise us and give us good education. I obtained my LL.B (Hons) from University of London (External) and my LL.M from University of Malaya. Currently I have my legal practice in Klang and am also active in MIC. I host a legal talk show in Tamil named "Sattam" over Astro Vanavil. My Involvement in MIC is either by sheer fate or providence. Be that as it may, here I am after many tribulations and challenges, as a Central Working Committee (CWC) Member in the MIC representing the Youth Wing. I would like to share my journey and thoughts with all of you.

Friday, May 28, 2010



Anak saya tanya, world cup ni ayah sokong mana. Saya kata saya tidak sokong mana mana negara, tetapi sebab saya minat Manchester United, saya sokong Rooney. Juga saya sokong Maradona, walau pun dia bukan pemain sekarang ini.

Saya menjangka Rooney akan menyumbat gol dalam world cup ni. Bila masuk gol, maka gemparlah dunia perjudian samada kerana gembira atau duka. Maka, bukan Rooney yang berjudi, tetapi aksi Rooney akan menggamatkan dunia perjudian.

UMNO tidak mahu ketinggalan dalam kegamatan ini, sebab itu judi bola ini mereka sokong, galas dan junjung.

Untuk lebih menguntungkan UMNO lagi, kalau dibuka pertaruhan samada Rooney masuk UMNO ke tidak, tentu ramai orang yang akan bertaruh.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010



Different perspectives, same conclusion (Gregg Carlstrom)

Experts say it is time for Western powers to talk to the Taliban in Afghanistan, or risk losing the war for good.

What do a former Taliban minister, the ex-head of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence agency (ISI), and a former CIA agent all have in common?

The answer is not much, apart from their shared belief that the US-led mission in Afghanistan is on the wrong track and risks total failure if Washington’s strategy does not change.

Speaking at the Al Jazeera Forum in Doha this week, the eclectic group of panellists offered their assessment of the situation in Afghanistan.

A rising tide of violence against foreign troops stationed in Afghanistan and those who work with them has convinced Robert Grenier, the ex-CIA agent, that the country is moving towards a bleak future.

If trends continue as they are, I see a future for Afghanistan that is not very attractive. I see a situation in which no-one wins, a situation which is bad for everyone.

Hamid Gul, the former head of the ISI, is even more pessimistic about the Western project in Afghanistan; he thinks that the war has already been lost and the only options available to the coalition lie in how best to withdraw from the country.

America wants to impose its will on Afghanistan and Pakistan. But losers cannot be choosers. Let me go back to words said by Tony Blair in Helmand, as he stood on the banks of the Helmand river- “The destiny of the world is going to be decided in the parched plains of Helmand”… That destiny has now been decided. The Americans have lost the war. Their choice is whether to leave gracefully, or cut and run like they did in Vietnam.”

Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil, an ex-foreign minister in the former Taliban government, agrees that the coalition's current approach is not working. “The war is becoming worse every day,” he says.

The three men also agree that the only way to bring peace to the country is to engage the Taliban in the political process- and that means talking to people previously dismissed as "terrorists" by Western leaders.

Robert Grenier says that there is a growing awareness that this approach has failed.

There is a recognition in Washington by both civilians and the military that if there is a settlement, the Taliban will have to play a role… Momentum is building for some sort of political reconciliation that involves the leaders of the insurgency.

Some of that momentum has gone into plans to do business with “moderate” elements of the Taliban who have renounced violence, while marginalising more hardline members of the group. But Muttawakil says that this strategy is doomed to failure.

“There is only one Taliban…they have to talk to the right people. We should not think about dividing the Taliban. They have to talk to the leaders of the Taliban."

Oliver McTernan, the director of the peace-building initiative Forward Thinking who also sat on the panel, warned the dividing the Taliban into "moderates and hardliners" could be counter-productive and said that talks should begin immediately.

Muttawakil says that it is the American presence in Afghanistan that the Taliban are fighting, not America itself.

I would like to point to the fact the agenda of the Taliban has only a national agenda. It is not an international agenda.

This is a key point. The Taliban are not al-Qaeda, although much of the American public see them as one and the same. Their aims lie within the borders of Pashtun lands, not on the streets of the Western cities that al-Qaeda has attacked.

"You have got to take away the label of terrorists. They are freedom fighters fighting for their country and fighting for faith,” says Hamid Gul.

The panellists may come at the issue from very different perspectives, but the fact they have broadly reached the same conclusion- that the Taliban have a political role to play in bringing peace to the country - should serve as a stark warning to policy makers currently seeking to secure peace in Afghanistan with guns alone. [Aljazeera]

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Apabila ulama di alam Melayu telah mengeluarkan fatwa bahwa boleh mengeluarkan zakat seperti zakat fitrah menggunakan RM, maka sebenarnya para ulama tersebut telah memajukan satu daripada cabang perundangan Islam supaya sesuai dengan keperluan semasa.

Mereka telah memajukan ilmu Fiqh, yang sememang sifatnya dinamik sepanjang zaman agar umat Islam sentiasa releven dan terkini dalam semua urusan.

Begitu juga dalam politik Islam, apabila PAS ,menubuhkanDHPP Dewan Himpunan Penyokong PAS, itu adalah satu mercu tanda dalam kemajuan ilmu fiqh siyasi, kerana terdapat keperluan ummah yang perlu ditangani secara betul, cermat dan segera.

Tidak timbul soal PAS menjadi liberal, kerana ada orang yang menyifatkannya sebagai PAS cuba memasuki jalan liberal, liberal dalam erti kata yang jijik, iaitu menggadaikan maruah dan prinsip Islam. Apa yang mereka mahu ialah PAS mengikut jalan yang mereka tunjukkan untuk PAS, iaitu PAS mesti ekstrim, tidak bertolak ansur, dan rasis.

Itu yang mereka harapkan berlaku kepada PAS.

Yang berlaku pula luar daripada jangkaan mereka.

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Rakyat Malaysia daripada keturunan India mempunyai masaalah mereka tersendiri. Sebagai rakyat Malaysia adalah amat kena kalau kita memahaminya sama.

Few days ago I attended a meeting with an organization(NGO) to discuss about one of my projects which focuses on low achievers among Indian students. Many issues regarding the community were discussed and it was really a fruitful discussion. Literally the discussion ended there but that discussion contributed to the 'discussion in my mind' One particular question sticks in my mind up to date--What actually hinders the growth of Indian community? A cliche question yet many prefer to not answer. So I decided to answer

1.) We are not really good in prioritizing things(sounds vague perhaps). In Malaysia we have 523 Tamil schools and temple--more than 100,000(not including temples which are not registered). Why do we need to spend so much of money in building more temples while our Tamil schools are lacking basic facilities. For a 'kumbaveshegam' in a temple, thousands of money spent but for the school next to the temple, not even few hundreds donated. Even if donate, some Tamil schools' organizations misuse it. How to achieve financial stability if the situation continues to be like this?

2.)Early childhood education among our children;for a group of them precisely fails. We are 7 percent of the population and yet surprisingly 60 percent of the crime is committed by our people. The worst, 14 percent of the prisoners is also our people. In education, 15 % of our students are top achievers and this group usually settle down at overseas while 30 % of our students are IPTA and IPTS students. Apart from that 40 % students belong to the below average achievers and remaining students turn out to be 'hardcore' gangsters who commit heavy crimes. The low achievers group seem to suffer the most and these students are the one who are not certain where they are heading to. What become their choice is the 'hardcore' s choice where they choose their way to live the live; shooting up the crime rate. What do these statistics suggest to us? Some where a long the way has failed our students. Some literature reviews suggest that early childhood education is the root. So we need to look back at that. At the same time, as how we have plenty of plans for top achievers, we also need to focus on low achievers

3.)UNITY is another big big big problem. Why on earth Indians are not united? I do not think I need to elaborate more on this. Think for yourself

Many of us then to blame the others for our current situation. Personally, I believe that the fault is within us. However,I believe that the problem should be tackled from the root. Time to do some 'cleansing' in our community and restructure the whole thing. We are now at a point where we need to do something for our community. If not, there is no turning back . If mothers in the family stop watching Tamil serials and fathers stop loitering at restaurants to talk about politics and divert their mind to concentrate on their children, the situation will change.Financial stability is the key for the betterment of our community. We are the minority and supposedly we should be strong. Unfortunately there are some of use here for political purpose. Community work is not genuine. Events are organized for community by some organization, associations for a cheap advertisement. NO FOLLOW UP. So how? Every individual needs to wake up and bring the change in him or her. Depending on one particular association or organization will bring us nowhere. Time to rectify ourselves and establish our own financial in dependency.

Dinesweri Puspanadan,



May 23, 2010
Azizan insisted the Kedah assembly would not be dissolved. — file pic

ALOR SETAR, May 23 — Despite obtaining full attendance from all 20 state assemblymen at a rally to prove its solidarity last night, all may not be well for the Kedah Pakatan Rakyat government yet.

Kulim assemblyman Lim Soo Nee, one of the three Kedah PKR assemblymen who were touted as about to defect and topple the administration, raised doubts over the government’s stability when he openly voiced dissatisfaction against his party and the state leadership.

In his no-holds-barred speech during the rally, Lim, caused a stir when he expressed disappointment with his party’s and the government’s failures to study their many faults.

In one breath, Lim said he had no plans to defect, but in the next, hinted that all was not well with the PKR — especially in Kedah.

“I will be very frank here tonight. Perhaps what I may say may upset out mentri besar (Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak) but I will not let it stop me,” he told a crowd of thousands who fell into pin-drop silence at his words.

Lim said the recent spate of PKR defections had stemmed from two factors — push and pull factors.

“The pull factor is based on the disturbances coming from our opponents in the Barisan Nasional. We know their purpose is to topple the government.

“The push factor is even worse — it comes from those in our inner circle, spreading malicious lies and information that could cause us to fall,” he said.

Lim said that “he could not deny” that there were antagonists within PKR itself, working against the party and its members by spreading these rumours.

“I feel sad that we in Kedah have lost two of our assemblymen due to defections.

“Even more sad is that, until today, we have not even bothered to conduct post-mortems to discover the reasons behind their departures,” he said.

Lunas assemblyman Radzhi Salleh and Bakar Arang assemblyman Tan Wei Shu were the two PKR assemblymen who left the party to become BN-friendly independents.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) presently has 20 seats in the 36-seat assembly, with PAS holding 16 seats; PKR, three; and the DAP, one.

“It is wrong for our people to just defect because they are unhappy for no matter how unhappy you are, we can still sit and discuss things. But still, we cannot ignore that they were not the only ones who had left the party,” he said.

Lim pointed out that if one man were to lock horns with nine others, he should realise it was unlikely that he alone was right while the nine others were wrong.

“If one person alone has left PKR, it is different. But we are talking about so many of them leaving, after Election 2008. Surely there must be some sound reason,” he pointed out.

He said that although PKR had lost so many lawmakers, its leadership and the Kedah state government had failed to take stock of the defections by attempting to discover its weaknesses and where it had gone wrong.

“We should sit down to find out why these people had left. What did we do that caused so many to leave.

“And if their departures were due to mistakes that we had made, then that means that we have to change. We do not want to just sit down and point fingers at others,” he said.

Lim, whose words raised many eyebrows in the crowd, then called on the PR government to learn from its past mistakes.

“It is true that I am not happy, with the party and with the government, but then again it is better that I speak it out here than keep it hidden in my heart.

“Perhaps my other two colleagues (from PKR) do not dare to speak this truth but it is true that we are all dissatisfied with the party and the government. We feel that we are not appreciated sometimes,” he said.

At this juncture, several in the crowd began to yell at Lim.

“What do you want? Speak it out? What are you saying?” said one angry-sounding man.

Noticing this, Lim quickly wrapped up his speech and said that despite his grievances, he had no plans to leave the PKR.

“We have to voice our unhappiness for if we fail to do this and we just sit back and keep quiet, we will be no different from the BN,” he said.

Lim added that his presence at the rally was enough proof that the PR government would not topple.

His two other colleagues in PKR, Sidam assemblyman Tan Show Kang and Bukit Selambau assemblyman S. Manikumar, had earlier also assured Kedah folk of their loyalty to the PR.

In a midnight press conference after the rally, Azizan pointed out to the media that the rally had proven the strength and solidarity of the Kedah government.

“Remember to get your numbers right when you write, OK? We have 20 assemblymen. We have the majority and we are stable.

“I would like to say here that we will not dissolve the assembly. I see no purpose,” he said.

When questioned on Lim’s speech and his call for the state government to hold a post-mortem to study the reasons why its assemblymen had left, Azizan said: “Yes, we did not conduct such a post-mortem. But the state government can study his proposal.”

Speaking to The Malaysian Insider later, Lim said he was satisfied with having been able to let loose some of his frustrations against his party and the government.

“We cannot deny that there are some problems. We must fight to make sure we stay strong,” he said.

Without revealing much, Lim admitted that the reasons used by the PKR defectors over dissatisfaction with the party’s dictatorial-style leadership were not totally untrue.

PKR has lost 10 lawmakers — five MPs and five assemblymen — since Election 2008, including one through sacking. It also lost the Hulu Selangor Parliamentary seat in a by-election last month, reducing its numbers in the Dewan Rakyat to 25 MPs, which includes a PSM member elected on its ticket.

[Malaysian Insider]



23 MEI — PAS yang bersetuju Allah digambarkan dalam konsep triniti, hari ini sibuk membantah isu lesen pertaruhan bola sepak piala dunia. Dewan Pemuda PAS Wilayah Persekutuan misalnya meminta Menteri, Datuk Jamil Khir dan para mufti menentang keras kebenaran ini.

Sebelum Pemuda PAS mencabar sesiapa eloklah mereka mencabar pimpinan mereka di Selangor, Pulau Pinang, Kedah dan Kelantan menarik semula lesen premis judi yang berada di negeri-negeri ini.

Sungguhpun semua lesen judi diluluskan oleh kerajaan Persekutuan, namun lesen membuka premis perniagaan termasuk judi di bawah Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT).

Oleh kerana PBT di kelima-lima negeri ini di bawah Pakatan Rakyat maka kita cabar mereka menarik semua lesen kelulusan berniaga bagi premis judi ini.

Ramai kita tidak bersetuju dengan judi. Namun ramai orang bukan Islam sudah menjadikan judi ini budaya mereka.

Bukan setakat tikam nombor, malah keputusan pilihan raya negara ini juga sekarang ini di kawal oleh bookies yang pro DAP. Sebab itu di banyak kawasan Cina majoriti, BN kalah.

Sebagai Muslim yang tinggal di Malaysia kita hanya ada dua pilihan ketika ini:

1. Memilih parti yang mengatakan Allah ada anak bernama Jesus dan tidak salah mengatakan Allah dalam konsep trinity. Parti ini juga sungguhpun tidak mengeluarkan lesen hiburan baru tetapi membiarkan kegiatan perjudian haram, rumah urut dan VCD cetak rompak berleluasa bagi menguntungkan rakan dalam pakatan mereka. Atau;

2. Memilih parti yang meluluskan lesen judi dan arak tetapi turut membuat undang-undang menghalang orang Islam berjudi atau minum arak.

Sudah tentulah jelas pilihan kita.

Usahlah buang masa berdemontrasi isu judi sukan sedangkan semua macam tikus dalam kepuk padi apabila berhadapan isu kalimah Allah.

Luluskan lesen judi haram tetapi bersengkongkol dengan parti yang melindungi judi haram, rumah urut dan kegiatan samseng tidak haram?

Kita cabar PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat tarik semua lesen premis judi di negeri Selangor.

Kita juga cabar PAS tutup semua pusat perjudian haram yang berselindung di sebalik kafe siber di Selangor jika benar mereka mahu menghapuskan perjudian. —