Friday, September 19, 2008



Tuan Guru Haji Hadi Awang is a revered leader and figure in PAS. Recent developments on the political front in this country puts PAS on an exciting scenario, and he is often qouted on new political scenes as they develop.
The 16th September psychological decimator thrown out to the politics of Malaysia not only rattled the BN, but it tremored friends as well. The PAS rank and file were clearly unsettled by the event, which proved to be not a single day affair, but the beginning of a series of political juggling.
Sensing the possible outcome of the political engineering initiated by Anwar Ibrahim, many PAS stalwarts are taking positions to make sure that they themselves would in a position to reap some harvest. Tuan Guru Haji Hadi may have detected this and if left unchecked, his grip on the PAS direction and adherence to its sworn ideology may be slipping.
Thus he sends out signals. But the signals are coded. And because we read the signals from mainstream media, there is always a possibility that those signals may get misinterpretated. He says that PAS would pull out of PR if the ANWAR government if and when formed is not based on and driven by Islam.
Does that mean if and when the ANWAR government takes effect and the syariah is not the basis of goverment then PAS would withdraw? Or does it mean if the leader of the said government is not a Muslim, the PAS would withdraw? Or does it mean if a leader from PAS is not installed to lead in the said goverment the PAS would leave?
I have thousands other questions lingering in my mind. Could somebody decipher for me?