Wednesday, October 28, 2009



PERAK - Outside SUK, police move in to disperse crowd gathered at nearby restaurant. They co-operate.

Ngeh supports motion by Nizar. BN ADUNs still chatting with each other. PR ADUNs vote on motion, yelling "Agree!"

Ganesan yawns and is seen studying his nails, BN ADUNs get up to chat with one another. Some, including Zambry, leave.

Ousted MB Nizar stands up to table motion seeking for all PLKN programmes and 1 Malaysia programme stopped temporarily.

Sivakumar says he has now started the sitting and called on ADUNs to observe one minute of silence over the bridge incident.

Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubraman stands and tells Ganesan to leave. Says he is illegal.

PR ADUNS attempt to begin proceedings. Assemblyman Khalil Lim recites prayer. Ganesan says sitting started already.

Throughout the whole spectacle, Ganesan just sat in the Speaker's chair and watched. BN ADUNs also watched in silence.

PR ADUNs finally walk into hall shouting, "Announcing the arrival of Speaker V. Sivakumar."

Former exco Nga Kor Ming alleges Chief Inspector Khairul hit his genitals. ADUNs still in hallway.

From Malaysian Insider 28/10/09