Thursday, January 27, 2011



Begitulah bunyi atau maksud jentera BN di pilihan raya kecil Tenang, Johor. Daripada orang no.1, sampai lah yang ke 200 atau 201 semuanya mengatakan PAS yang memperjuangkan Islam itu penipu: dulu, kini, selamanya

Dan pada kepala hotak UMNO dan BN serta pengikut mereka yang suci dan maksum hanyalah mereka dan mereka sahaja.

Speaking at a PAS-organised press conference, Mansor Mohamed, 59, claimed that due to Mohd Azahar’s negligence, his (Mansor’s) land was auctioned off in 2003.
Mohd Azahar was the Segamat assistant district officer at the time.
He claimed Mohd Azahar had failed to inform him about the sale and that a third party had bought the land for RM70,000.
Mansor said he filed a suit against Mohd Azahar at the Muar High Court in 2004 over this.
“Mohd Azahar had made some enquiries after the bank seized my land,” said Mansor.
“And I had already paid RM10,000 to the bank,” he said, adding that he only found out about the third party when he went to the bank.
PAS vice-president Salehuddin Ayub urged Mohd Azahar to “come clean” on the matter.
Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, however, refuted Mansor’s claim, saying Mohd Azahar was not involved in the suit but was merely a witness.
“He was never involved in any dispute,” said Abdul Ghani, accusing PAS of spreading lies to discredit the Barisan candidate.
“The people here are not used to the kind of politics based on lies,” he said.
“It has never been the Johor way, thus I believe the people will reject such brand of politics.”

Ye le Ghani, kalu masuk UMNO tapi habok pun tak dapat, tu namanya
dulu, kini, selamanya bangang