Monday, January 19, 2009




Prophet Muhammad had five children from his first wife Khadijah. One son, Al Qasim died when he was still a baby, and four daughters: Zainab, Ruqayyah, Fatimah, and Umi Kalsum.

The last child, a boy Ibrahim was born 628 A.D. He was the only child born to the Prophet after Prophet Muhammad (may Peace Be Upon Him) knew that he was to be a Messenger of Allah. His mother was Maria, an Egyptian whom the king of Egypt sent to Prophet Muhammad (may Peace Be Upon Him) as a handmaid servant and Prophet Muhammad married her in 627.

Zainab married her cousin Al'Ass Ibn Al-Rabeah. Zainab had only one child who died as a baby. Zainab died in 630 A.D.

Ruqayyah was the wife of Othman Ibn Affan. She had one boy who died possibly from an infection after a rooster pecked his eye. She died in 624 A.D. She died on the same day of the battle of Badr.

Umi Kalsum was also married to Othman after Ruqayah's death . She had no children. She died in 631 A.D.

Fatimah married Ali Ibn Abi Talib who was the cousin of the Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) and who later became the fourth Caliph. He died in 662 A.D. They had two sons, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein and one daughter Um Kalsum. Fatimah died in 632 A.D.

Al-Hassan was seven years old, and Al-Huseein was six when Prophet Muhammad (may Peace Be Upon Him) died in 632 A.D.