Thursday, April 21, 2011



Citing Senadin, she said PKR was leading by 1,000 odd-votes during the last ballot counting in Miri City Stadium when suddenly a blackout “conveniently occurred”.
The blackout, she said, lasted an hour during which time the Election Commission (EC) continued counting.
“Suddenly they brought in ‘postal’ votes at an illegally late hour and SUPP was declared ‘winners’ with a slim 58-vote majority.
“The EC also announced 158 spoiled votes favouring PKR. The commission refused a recount despite the fact that there was a clear case for it,” she said.
Brown added that the Senadin incident was only one example that SR was planning to present to the UN.

Cerita DUN Senadin, calon PKR Dr. Micheal Teo:

1. PKR sedang leading lebih 1000 undi
2. Pastu tetiba je letrik mati
3. Letrik mati 1 jam, tapi spr kira tetap kira
4. Tetiba datang pulak undi pos
5. Waktu tu masa undi pos dah kira haram, bukan sunat lagi
6. Pastu SUPP diisytihar pemenang
7. Majoriti 58 je
8. Pastu tetiba je 158 kertas undi PKR rosak
9. Bila minta pengiraan semula dia jawab...
10. Chit. Poorah

According to Sarawak Report blogger Clare Rewcastle Brown