Tuesday, February 10, 2009



The literature in political science terms it as palace coup d'e-tat in which the sudden stroke of state policy was engineered from high-ups. But the one engineered by UNMO/BN in Perak has some unexpected setbacks on the part of UMNO. It created great instability not only to the politics of the state of Perak, but to Malaysia as well and very much more to the general populace.

This is something which UMNO did not expect and did not expect to expect. It is not going to be smooth and free ride for them. And this impasse can go on for a long time unless something or some kind of rulings are issued by the court.

This palace coup d' e-tat is the brainchild of UMNO, and whatever turmoil that brews as a result of its execution, the task to shoulder the responsibility rests on UMNO and UMNO alone. But the urge to escape the shouldering of the resposibility necessitated UMNO to agitate all available means at its disposal. Which precipitates further unrest and uneasiness among the people.

The end of this fiasco ought to be determined by the court, which, many opinions have already been rest assured as to what to expect. But the sabre-rattling UMNO hoodlums and hoodwinks would never be satisfied, unless their insatiable apetite is filled to the fullest.

Unleashing the sabre known as ISA would do just that.

So they think.