Sunday, February 8, 2009



The current impasse and turmoil in the politics of thes tate of Perak does not work to the interest of the nation. It also does not work to the interest of UMNO. It also tarnished the sanctity of the of the Royalties.

The current situation can not be allowed to drift unnavigated. It must be steered clear of the impeding calamity with utmost tact and prudence. The best option that is available is to let the people to have their say, that is go to the poll and let the people decide. But of course, this is the option which UMNO does not want to pursue.

The next available option is for the court to decide. But this may take some time, which, if things are not properly managed, can go out of hand. Which, for all of us, the law-abiding citizens do not wish this to happen. On the part of PAS supporters, rest assured, they can be easily disciplined and restrained so that the law is always the utmost thing to uphold.

But it is UMNO that is most difficult to domesticate. If this impasse goes on for a little longer, then you can predict and expect what course of action they are going to indulge in. All options are on the table. They not only will not hesitate to use all measures, but they have been yearning to unleash them.

You guessed it right. They are ready and ever willing now to unleash the I.S.A. And I think the name that tops the list now is Nizar's. And may be all of EXCOs still loyal to PR.

To UMNO, stop instigating people's wrath. You can't afford to pay the price in the next general election.