Saturday, April 18, 2009



PAS presiden Ustaz Abdul Hadi Awang has abandoned his idea of unity government citing Abdullah Badawi was no longer in power as the reason. The idea of a unity government was mooted by Abdul Hadi in March, and was met with skepticism and opposition from the ranks. With party election just around the corner, it would be burdensome to him if Abdul Hadi were to face the election with the proposal lingering around.

With the idea of a unity government scrapped, it seems that the coming PAS party election may see a smooth exercise with some changes at the helm. There is no doubt the Abdul Hadi will still be the president, but the deputy president may witness a change of post holder. Husam Musa is expected to be nominated for the post and is also expected to oust Nasharudin Mat Isa.

The marooned Menteri Besar of Perak, Nizar Jamaludin is expected to be nominated to fill one of the posts of vice-president, and he sould be able to sail through. Mohamad Sabu is expected to retain his post as one of the vice-presidents, while Salehudin Ayub, who is not defending his PAS Youth leader post, is expected to be nominated and win the remaining vice-president's post.

As with wan Malaysia, when Najib is entangled with the difficulty in explaining what it means, so is Abdul Hadi's unity government. It would more appropriate for Abdul Hadi to abandone his idea of unity government......

than to face the moment when his supporters abandone him.