Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Semua laporan menunjukkan PAS sedang mendahului PRK 059.


8.50pm UNOFFICIAL PKR retains Bukit Selambau PKR's Manikumar wins the seat to retain the status quo in the state assembly.

With only one more polling box to be counted, Manikumar is leading with a 2,092-vote majority. He has been leading in this race from the time the first box was counted.

UNOFFICIAL PAS wins Bukit Gantang PAS 20,021, BN 17,076, Independent 56. Majority 2,945.

PAS Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin leaves the party’s operation centre in Air Kuning in an open hatch SUV, and waves to supporters as if he has just won the US presidential race.

8.25pm Bukit Gantang Unofficial results Mohd Jamaluddin Nizar (PAS) has increased his majority over Ismail Saffian (Umno) to more than 3,000 votes.

PAS 18,275, BN 15,101, Independent 47. Majority 3,174.

With 8,000 votes yet to be tallied, PAS is heading towards victory.

8.25pm Bukit Gantang Unofficial results PAS has increased majority to over 3,000 votes.

PAS 18,275, BN 15,101, Independent 47. Majority 3,174.

8.17pm Maklumat rasmi. PAS mendahului BN di Bukit Gantang dengan 2,691 undi. PAS 15,770 undi, BN 13,079 dan bebas 42 undi.

Setakat ini 81 kotak undi sudah dikira, tinggal lagi 31 kotak undi.

8.20pm Bukit Gantang Unofficial results PAS 17,427, BN 15,001, Independent 46. Majority 2,426

8.15pm Bukit Gantang Unofficial results PAS 16,316, BN 14,061, Independent 40. Majority 2,255.

So far, 64 percent of the votes cast have been tallied.

8.10pm Bukit Selambau Unofficial Results PKR's Manikumar is headed for a big victory. With 17 polling stations counted, he has 2,311 votes. There are only five more centres to go.

8.04pm Tidak rasmi PKR masih mendahului BN di Bukit Selambau dengan lebih 1,200 undi.

7.42pm Tidak rasmi PAS mendahului BN di Bukit Gantang dengan 2,577 undi. PAS 14,720 undi, BN 12,143 dan bebas 32 undi.

KOTA BARU, April 7 – PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat came to Perak DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming’s defence for reciting a verse from the Quran.

Nik Abdul Aziz, who is Kelantan Mentri Besar, said non-Muslims can recite the Quran and it was not wrong if their pronunciation was not correct.

“If the tajwid (pronunciation during recitation) is not correct, it could be improved to adhere to the rules.

“Anybody can read the Quran whether one is a Muslim or a non-Muslim and the Quran is not owned by the Malays or the Arabs.

“As the language of the Quran is Arabic, it would seem strange if it is read by a non-Muslim, who normally do not know Arabic,” he told Bernama.

He was commenting on a statement issued by the Malaysian Muftis’ Conference that Nga had smeared the Quran by reciting a verse from it during a ceramah in Bukit Gantang, recently.

Nik Abdul Aziz said the Malays themselves would not be proficient in reciting the Quran if they did not command the phonetics rules.

“Even during the reign of Prophet Muhammad, those who opposed Islam like Abu Jahal, also read the Quran,” he said. – Bernama