Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Sekali sekali Najib dimarahi Rosmah juga.

She cited the example of how she felt left out due to Najib’s constant meetings with officials during their visit to China last week.

“I had to stay in the hotel in Beijing most of the time. He was very busy,” she recounted. “Saya pun hot (I got upset),” she said in a light-hearted manner.

Perdana play: Rosmah signing on a large replica of the book Najib Perdana Menteri ke6 at Wisma Kementah in Kuala Lumpur last night. Looking on are Zahid and his wife Datin Hamidah Khamis.

“When he came back, I told him that I wanted to return to Kuala Lumpur immediately.”

Rosmah, however, noted that Najib merely looked at her without a trace of anger in his face.

“Then I realised that it was just me talking. He did not raise his voice. All he asked was ‘Dah habis? (Are you done?)’” she said after launching a new book on Najib titled Najib Perdana Menteri ke-6 at the Defence Ministry yesterday.

Rosmah said she had also never seen or heard Najib raise his voice in anger at anyone.

Ye ke sekali sekali? atau berkali kali?