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Betrayal of Islam By the Nationalists

The Pancasila, An Unforgivable Crime Against the Muslim Ummah

One of the most treacherous and deceitful crimes perpetrated against the Muslim ummah by nationalism is found in Indonesia. It is the formulation and tormentation of the state ideology called pancasila, which is in Javanese, meaning five principles. This bewildered and animistic ideology was tormented on to the Muslim ummah of Indonesia with the all-approving seal of dense ulama.
The five silas are:
1. Tuhan yang Maha Esa (Oneness or Unity opf God)
2. Perikemanusiaan (Huminitarian)
3. Kebangsaan (Nationalism)
4. Demokrasi (Democracy)
5. Keadilan Sosial (Social Justice)
Many Indonesian writers , defended this man-made ideology as in fact Islamic and in full conformity with Islam (El Muhammady, 1969; Bakry, 1984; Nataatmadja, 1985).
But the Muslim ummah of Indonesia, and of the world are not to be fooled, for this ideology is clearly a deviation of the Tauhid, the acceptance of which means the nullification of the syahadah. For the unsuspecting Muslim mind, the silas of the ideology look innocent and acceptable, but the ideology is full of catches and traps.
The biggest catch is the first sila, tuhan yang maha esa (oneness of god). This is not the Tauhid of Islam; for the Tauhid in Islam consists of three parts: (i) Tauhid rububiyyah - which is to have iman that Allah is the Creator of all creations; (ii)Tauhid uluhiyyah - rejection of all other forms of ilah (godship) and submitting only to Allah; (iii) Tauhid asma wa sifat - to have iman in the names of Allah and His attributes (Yasin, op.cit.; A. Hadi Awang, op. cit. pp 71-76)
The first sila is partially Tauhid rububiyyah, and it is clearly and explicitly not Tauhid uluhiyyah, which is the rejection of all other ilah but Allah. A Muslim's tauhid must consist of all the three components to make it valid and consonant with the kalimah at tauhid
لا إله إلا الله
Transliteration: La ila ha illal lah
Translation: There is no God worthy of worship but Allah
But the first sila is clearly animistic in nature and essence, as Bakry (op. cit. pp. 33) puts it:
Pancasila adalah satu pandangan hidup yang semua pengikut agama di Indonesia menganggapnya sesuai dengan ajarannya, termasuklah kita umat Islam.
(Pancasila is a view of life which adherents of all religions in Indonesia perceive it as compatible with their teachings, including us, the Muslim ummah.)
This is clearly and explicitly a partial Tauhid rububiyyah, present naturally ia all creations, including the animists. It does not contain Tauhid uluhiyyah, which calls for the rejection of all other ila, and Allah has the only rights for creations to submit to.
For the practising Muslim, this pledge is renewed at least 17 times a day and night, that is in each rakaa' in their five fardhu daily prayers they pledge:
إِيَّاكَ نَعۡبُدُ وَإِيَّاكَ نَسۡتَعِينُ
Thee only do we worship;
And Thine aid only we seek
This is the basis of the rejection of all other ila. the pancasila does not reject all other ila, it merely acknowledges oneness of god, which is totally unacceptable to the basis of kalimah-at-tauhid which begins with the rejection of all other ila, and then pledging Allah is the Lord.
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