Wednesday, February 4, 2009



At the time this post is written the Sultan of Perak has not given his consent on the formation of a BN government of Perak. But any ordinary people should be able to foresee what's there to come.

The demise and the fall of the PR government in Perak is inevitable, it is just a formality now. What really catapulted the BN into the driver's seat was the unashamed misuse of state instruments and paraphenalias. The SPR played its most obedient servant all too well.

Anwar Ibrahim was side-stepped, and Nizar lacked the much needed shrewdness to rise to the occasion. And the two of them lay beaten. This time around.

Gone are the cries of foul-play when some one leaps to the pponents' real estate. As long as you bring political gain, you are welcome. Machievelli is at its best.

Many people would sigh in relief and say: Oh! that's a good leap.

How I love very much the katak.