Saturday, February 7, 2009



The ten-year cycle has come again. UMNO again has unleashed unashamedly contempt to the Malaysian population and voters. It has no regard for people's sensitivities and feelings. The only thing that is prime in their mind is the hold on the seat of power.

The First Reformasi era should have resulted in the booting of UMNO out of power. It was only due to political meddling that resulted 600,000 thousand voters denied their right to vote. Professor Jomo Sundram included. That saved their neck.

Now the Second Reformasi has dawned. The main stream media has been busy beating the same drum notes that earlier had caused them to lose public trust. And now, as if never able to learn from past experience, they revert to the old antics. Public trust they are going to lose again. And they are going to lose much more of it.

People's wrath will be unleashed onto them when the time comes. Through the ballot boxes.