Sunday, June 21, 2009



Protes dan demonstrasi masih lagi berterusan di Iran berikutan keputusan pilihan raya presiden. Protes seperti ini kelihatan seperti telah diskemakan terlebih dahulu seperti yang terjadi di beberapa negara Eropah timur yang berjaya mencuri kuasa melalui kaedah yang dikenli sebagai velvet revolution.

'Velvet’ or ‘colourful’ revolutions... are methods of exchanging power for social unrest. Colourful and ‘velvet’ revolutions occurred in post-communist societies of central and Eastern Europe and central Asia. Colourful revolutions have always been initiated during an election and its methods are as follows:

“1. Complete despair in the attitude of people when they are certain to lose an election...

“2. Choosing one particular colour which is selected solely for the Western media to identify (for their readers or viewers).” Mousavi used green as his campaign colour and his supporters still wear this colour on wristbands, scarves and bandannas.

“3) Announcing that there has been advance cheating before an election and repeating it non-stop afterwards... allowing exaggeration by the Western media, especially in the US.

“4) Writing letters to officials in the government, claiming vote-rigging in the election. It’s interesting to note that in all such “colourful” projects — for example, in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan — the Western-backed movements have warned of fraud before elections by writing to the incumbent governments. In Islamic Iran, these letters had already been written to the Supreme Leader.”

Another leaflet maintained that a study — which Khamenei’s advisers have obviously undertaken, however inaccurately — demonstrated that vote-rigging will be alleged on the very day of the election and that victory will be claimed by the opposition hours before the counting is finished and before their own defeat is announced.

The results, says the document, will therefore already have a “background” of fraud. “In the final stages... supporters gather in front of the regime’s official offices, holding colourful banners and protesting against vote-rigging.”

Semuga isu ini diselesai dengan cermat.