Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Muqaddimah: Perbincangan mengenai Islamic State memang telah lama berlegar di Malaysia. Ada pandangan yang menyokong, ada yang menentang dap berbagai-bagai reaksi lagi. Tetapi bagaimana mungkin kita menolak atau berlembut mengenai Islamic State kalau kita tidak atau apa dia sebenarnya. Dalam discourse ini, saya perturunkan tulisan yang saya selesaikan dalam thun 1991, tetapi kekal dalam tulisan tangan sehingga hari ini. Kalau anda minat, ikutilah perbincangannya, yang saya tidak tahu mengandungi berapa siri .
Before we get into the topic in full gear, it would fitting if the basics of Islam is discussed first. Very simply, what is Islam?
In its simplest form, Islam is submission. It means here one tenders his/her resignation to the creator, and not to the creations. Islam does not allow any form submission to the created beings, be it in the most ostentatious manner, such as reagarading a human being as god, as prevails in some cultures and religious beliefs, or submission in a more inert form, such as succumbing to the powers of material beings as exemplified by monetary power, or subscribing to man-made ideologies.
Islam preaches total submission to the Creator, ALLAH, as manifested by a verse from the Al Qur'an:
Thee do we worship
And thine aid we seek
(Al Fatihah:5)
Total submission does not mean that when faced with problems, one just sits and offers his supplicatiosn to Allah and then sit back and wait.Total submission means one tries to the best of his ability with whatever means permissible at his disposal and then submits to Allah. What ever the outcome is, he accepts willingly, which is called redha. Without it, one will never find fulfilment of his desires.
It is for this reason that in order for a human being to submit to Allah, the natural laws has to be put to work. For example, if he is hungry, and there is a plate of food inb front of him, his submission to Allah is not just to sit and stare at the food hoping to get his stomach full. He has to actually the food into his mouth, chew it and swallow it and repeat the act until he feels his stomcah is full. His submission is, it is Allah that makes his stomach full, and not the food. This is because it is Allah that provides the rezqi (bounty) as revealed:
And Allah is the Best
To Provide(for all needs)
(Al Jumaah:11)
When one gets headache, he has to find means to cure it. He takes a table of Panadol, and the pain goes off. In this case. his submission is, it is Allah that relieved the pain, for He is AsSalam(source of Peace), and not the tablet...... contoinued