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..........continued from part(2)

Then this guiding rule is applied at each magnified scale. The Hablum minan nas is applied at societal level, then it is further applied at district, state, nations and world level. It is noteworthy to reckon that in Islam the scale of interaction does not stop there, it extends beyond the world level, it even extends beyond inter galactical level. It crosses the worldly level into the world of the hereafterlevel. At each of these levels, as the interactions get more complicated, there are rules and regulations that govern these interactions. These rules are ordained by Allah.

The complicated paraphenalias governing the interactions of among people (Hablum minan nas) has been the subject of study, discussions and deliberations. Out of these, various systems of governing the interactions were hatched, such as the capitalist system, the communist system, the theocratic system or the feudal system to mention a few. These systems govern the manner people interact, in other words, the determine the way of life of people.

Islam, through the Al Qur'an, the Hadith, Ijma', Qias and other tools of jurisprudence had already designed the manner, the system in which the way of life of people is to be governed. This system, which governs the Hablum Minan nas, or interactions with people, and also the Hablum min allah, the interaction of man with Allah, is called deen. In Allah's judgement, only the deen of Islam is accepted.


The Deen before Allah

is Islam(submission to His Will)

(Ali Imran 3:19)

Therefore, a deen is an all encompassing system which administer the complete way of life of people. A Musli, as revealed and commanded by the above verse, can not and must not sumit to any other deen than Islam. A Muslim, for example, can not, claim Islam as his religion but at the same time subscribes to man-made ideologies, such as communism and allow willingly his everyday life be administered by the socialist system. In other words, he is not permitted to pofess Islam as his religion but at the same time chooses systems other than Islam as his deen.

Thus Islam is a deen which governs all aspects of life, and the religion of Islam is indeed the deen be coninued