Thursday, September 18, 2008



Aljazeera calls it power grab but I prefer to use the term political engineering, because it is a political engineering. That Anwar Ibrahim is engineering a political change is Malaysia is the talk of the country, and that it is unfolding as designed, bit by bit.
The only complain is not much is leaked out, which makes it tempting to sniff. It is also now a basis for the lambasting lashed out by the mainstream media especially on the 17 September, which actually reflected the chill that ran down their spines.
The collapse of the present of government is imminent, and many indicators are signalling towards it. The only thing to be careful about is that it ought to be exercised in an orderly manner, and that explains the silence on the 16th. But organs of the state are already put on high alert, which indicates that it is real.
The use of ISA on Anwar Ibrahim in order to thwart the political engineering will prove to be futile, because this endevour has entered critical stage and there is no turning back. Snatch Anwar and there will be people already designated to take his position and march on with the plan. If he were put behind the bars, in no time would he be out in the street again.
For those political enthusiasts, stay calm and watch it unfolds.