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Betrayal of Islam by the Nationalists: Indonesia

The second important point all Muslims and especially the Muslim ummah of Indonesia must bear in mind is that the 1st sila makes no mention about the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. A Muslim's syahadah is nullified without the Kalimah ar Risalah. Since this extremely important kalimah is not present in the pancasila, it therefore has nothing to do whatsoever with Islam. it constitutes a syirik, and must be rejected by all Muslims.
The 4th sila, democracy, if taken and practised in its present form is not acceptable in Islam. In fact democracy per se, if not driven to submit to Islam, is not compatible with Islam. A simple example is by casting votes, if majority chose to make gambling halal, by virtue of democracy that is perfectly acceptable. In Islam, gambling is forever haram.
The 3rd sila, nationalism, is of course the very antithesis of Islam
All Muslims, especially so the Muslim ummah of Indonesia must reject the pancasila. It is not a problem of the Muslim ummah of Indonesia only, it is a problem of all Muslims.
Abu Bakar Hamzah (1986, pp.9) wrote he once asked one Professor Ali Mu'ti (presumbaly an Indonesian Muslim) in 1985 about pancasila which he replied:
Ulama ulama Islam menerima pancasila dan mereka bukan orang orang bodoh
[The ulama of Islam (in Indonesia) accept pancasila and they are not stupid people]
Islam's ulama are all wise and learned. However, Al Ghazali in his book Ihya Ulumuddin (Al Palembani, 1780; pp 1:17) divided the ulama into ulama al akhirat (the righteous ulama) and ulama as suk (the treacherous ulama). The 'alim (learned person) during the British rule in India who issued the fatwa that it was shahid to die for Queen Victoria was not at all stupid. be continued