Sunday, November 16, 2008



Recently I wrote in a Bahasa Malaysia posting the need or PAS to reinvigorate itself by means of the formulation and implementation of new fiqhs, which frees itself from the nationalist-tainted fiqhs of Burhanuddin Al Helmy and other PAS leaders of yester years.
PAS's path is dictated by the syariah, laws ordained by Allah. The syariah is the unalterable set of laws the author of which is Allah. Fiqh is the human interpretation of those laws. Whilst syariah is fixed, fiqh is always dynamic and ever expanding to accomodate current developments and needs of the ummah.
Current political developments in Malaysia have necessitated PAS to introduce most up-to-date fiqhs in order to stay abreast and be relevent in all situations. The role of non-Muslims in helping to catapult some PAS candidates into the parliament and state assemblies in the recent election is acknowldeged and given serious thoughts. That non-Muslim votes are going into PAS's pocket and they, the non-Muslims, are knocking on the door of membership are issues which need to be addressed justly and immediately within the framework of present-day situation fiqhs. This is where the articulation and formulation of new fiqhs are direly needed.
The person who holds the key to the formulation and introduction of new fiqhs in PAS in undeniably Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz, although PAS President Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang and Deputy Mursyidul 'Am Tuan Guru Dr. Haron Din would be most influential in any decision regarding the introduction and implementation of any new fiqh in PAS.
Recently published reports point to the likelihood that PAS Supporters' Club could evetually be a wing of PAS. I believe this is on the same level as the Pemuda, Muslimat dan Dewan Ulamak wings in PAS. The public is made to believe that this was the essence of the outcome of the retreat of PAS leaders in Langkawi in first week of November 2008.
If this was to be the case, then a new fiqh is about to be unveiled.
It can read something like: Malaysian citizens may become members of PAS.