Tuesday, November 4, 2008



If you want to embrace Islam, here are things that will make it easy for you.
There are only three basic beliefs in Islam:
1. Allah - or God. This is the all embracing, omnipotent being which all creations must submit to. He is the Creator. Allah is God, but a god is not necessarily Allah.
2. Muhammad. He is the messenger of Allah. He teaches and spreads the teachings of Allah.
3. Life in the hereafter- known as Al Akhirah. That all creations will be resurrected after death is a basic belief in Islam.
To convert to Islam all one has to do is to testify the shahada. See here.
Once you have the urge, strength and the pull to embrace Islam, just testify the shahadah. Then you will become a Muslim. But because converting to another religion has various implications, it is wise that one testifies the shahadah in front of witnesses, and get the paper works done.
If you want to convert to Islam, but you still sway back and forth, then I suggest you do thes e things:
1. Face the direction of Makkah. [approximately, even if you get it wrong it does not matter]
2. Raise your two hands with your palms open as to make supplication
3. Then say with utmost sincerity: Oh Allah, please give me your guidance
4. When nothing happens, repeat it anytime you are at ease.
If I am sincere with this posting, you will see a result.