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Betrayal of Islam by the Nationalists: Pakistan

In an interview given to the press in 1940 Jinnah stated that Pakistan would embrace two autonomous states or provinces, one comprising of the North West Frontier Province, Sind and Punjab, and the other Bengal and Assam. It would be an Islamic State, with constitutional democracy (Wiber, 1964; pp. 106).
In 1942, the British offered the Cripps Mission which was rejected by both The National Congress and the All-India Muslim League for different reasons. The Congress launched Quit India resolution which demanded that British rule in India end immediately, which resulted in open rebellion and break out of disorders.
In 1944, the Muslims and Hindus of India went seperate ways due to the failure of talks between Gandhi and Jinnah. In 1945, a general election was held in which the Muslim League won convincingly in the Muslim dominated areas. On May 16, 1946, the Cabinet Mission issued a statement proposing a Union of India to include both British India and the Indian (Native) States. The League did accpet the plan while the National Congress rejected it, but however, instead of forming a government from the League, the British set up a caretaker government. In August 1946, the Congress suddenly accepted the Cabinet Mission, and Nehru took office of the interim government on September 2, 1946.
On August 16, 1946 the All-India Muslim League decided to observe a Direct Action Day, for the purpose of explaining to the Muslim public all over India the resolutions that were passed by the League Council at Bombay. The day was observed peacefully throughout India except in Culcutta where communal rioting took place (Saiyid; op. cit. pp. 418). Sir Francis Turker who was in charge of the military operations during the riots held the Congress, the Muslim League and the Sikhs responsible for what was dubbed as the Great Culcutta Killing (Sayeed; 1968, pp.155)
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