Thursday, March 26, 2009



While many eyes focus on the new pemuda UMNO chief, few would bother to pay attention to one of the defeated candidates. Khir Toyo has been waging war against the PR and the PR state government in Selangor. In his efforts, he met only disasters one after another.

He lost the Selangor menteri besarship, he is riddled with accusations and counter accusations, and now he lost the race to helm the pemuda UMNO.

He is set to lose more and more. The list is never ending. The reason is very clear. The curse on him has been invoked by many in the state of Selangor. When he demolished suraus, took control of masjids illegally and criminally, he unleashed the wrath of the helpless, the poor and the ordinary people on the street. These people have no other place to turn to, except to rest their dissatisfactions to Allah. They confide to Allah on the harms and pains imposed and caused by Khir Toyo. Those of other faiths, whose places of worship had been desecrated, confide to their deities on these sacrileges.

When Khir Toyo handed a broom to one of the officers of the state of Selangor in a symbolic gesture to wipe out the so called uncleanliness and inefficiency, little did he realize that the broom was actually a curse on him.

It is going drag him into his demise. The painful way.