Sunday, February 22, 2009



It only took 30 years for Iran to launch its indegenous rocket into space. With that the chill run down the spines of western powers and Israel.

Malaysia has been boasting of its economic development and technological prowess, but it has not earned the respect of even the nearest neighbour, even though it has gained independence for over 50 years.

The reason is simply the mistake of having racist warlords to preside over the running of the country. They are more intent on siphoning the state's wealth to bulge their own pockets rather than seeing the country advance at par with other rapidly modernising countries.

Malaysia scores well on the corruption chart. She does well also on human rights abuse to stay firm on the use of the draconian Internal Security Act. She is also revered as the country that plays great mockery and rape on democracy.

Now the warlords have unleashed their old trick again. Usurpation of power. By manipulation and arm twisting the instruments of the state, the shaky ruling party has usurped power from the rightful and elected government of the state of Perak.

It is extending its filthy tentacles to other states such as Selangor and Kedah.

It is hell-bent on bringing the politics of Malaysia into shambles

It is bandwagoning Malaysia into a state of shamefulness.