Wednesday, August 6, 2008



Have you read postings on some blogs that PAS Pulau Pinang will not be a party in the election machinery of the coming Permatang Pauh by election? That news was soon refuted by Salehudin Ayob by stating that PAS will cooperate fully. And an allegation that the Menteri Besar of Selangor launched the shadow cabinet of the PR. The tabloid that carried the story stated that the full list of the shadow cabinet can be accessed on MP Kulasegaran's blog. I did just that, and I found out that there was a statement saying that the blog is not the origin of the shadow cabinet list.
I can sense the malicious intent of the effort when MP Teresa Kok was conferred the post of Menteri Asas Babi. Not content with such cowardice, a flint to fire the anger of the populace when Kit Siang was conferred the post of deputy prime minister with 15 malaysian chinese ministers againts 8 malays, 6 malaysian indians and 2 sikhs.
I think there is a very concerted effort being forged here to drive a wedge among the components of PR and among the ranks of their supporters. Which indicates how desparate they have become.
Do you remember in 1990 election when the headgear with a cross worn by Tengku Razaleigh was sensationalized and thrown out to the public as a bait to sway public support away from Parti Semangat 46? Well, they did it, and were successful.
Well, this time around they threw the liwat 2, and encountered a lot hitches, and looked certain to doom. The shadow cabinet effort is manifestation of severe depletion of ideas.