Sunday, February 15, 2009



Every which way you manouvre UMNO, you will find a dead-end. The path which you have purposely chosen to wrest power from the PR government in Perak is wrong and faulty. The legal and judicial entanglement that you have caused yourselves to be trapped in is far more complex and perplexing than what you could have possibly imagined.

Stop stoking hatred among the people in the faint hope that they will turn their support from the PR government to that of the illegal BN propped management team. The longer you try sidestep the constitution and the law, the deeper will be the political turmoil that will precipitate. This impasse has to be put to an end.

That end is not what you have designed, for, learning from past experience you would certainly jump to same old trick of putting an end to political turmoils and upheavals by unleashing your one and only weapon, the ISA. Things have changed and are changing now. The moment you use it, you certainly sign your downfall.

The only way to end a political impasse is to turn to political means. Let the people decide and let them have their say through the ballot box. Whether you agree to it voluntarily, or you are forced into submission, the end is near, for you.

Because the murky path you have so chosen is a cul-de-sac.