Friday, May 23, 2008



.......................continued from part(7)

In the hadith presented in part(7), components of Islam was potrayed as islam, Iman ane Ihsan. This should not be confused with the subdivision used in this discourse, because it is the same material but with some refinements. As mentioned in the hadiths, ihsan is described by the prophet s.a.w. as you should serve Allah as though you could see Him, for though yang cannot see Him yet He sees you.


Akhlaq is something that emanates from Ihsan. The word akhlaq is the plural for the word khulq which means disposition. "Disposition" is that faculty (malakah) of the soul which is the source of all those activities that man performs spontaneously without thinking about them. Malakah is a property of the soul which comes into existence through exercise and repetitive practice and is not easily destroyed.

In Islam, the true practice of the religion should demostrate the impeccable nature of one's khulq, this is because, the khulq of a Muslim is solely based of the khulq of the prophet s.a.w. , and the best khulq there is in this whole universe is the khulq of the prophet himself, as revealed by the verse:


and thou(standest)

On an exalted standard

Of character

(Al Qur'an 68:4)

Thus, Islam is a complete way of life which spans on all major aspects of life: faith, laws, and morality. be continued