Tuesday, August 26, 2008



I'm an ardent fan of the late Kalim Siddique, leader of Muslim community in the UK. Even though I never met him, I always kept track of his writings in Crescent International, I believe now out circulation Muslim monthly newsletter from the UK. In one of his writings, he narrated an incidence in which he was present. He was in Mecca, conferring with two of his friends, and they were served wine. Mr. Siddique wasn't at ease with the situation, and realizing that, one of the friends said, don't worry. It's an imitation wine.
To please his hosts, Siddique took a sip, and and again to be polite, he uttered ahh, just like the real one. Siddique noted, that was the mistake he made, because his host friend went in for the kill. Aha, he has tasted the real one.
Siddique took the beating just because he was trying to be polite, and Ramlang Porigi was just an obedient servant when he unassumingly witnessed the the laknat swearing of Saipol. But that was it. He could bear it no longer. On the final laps of the campaignings in Permatang Pauh, he came to the fore to unleash the unthinkable master kill to the throat of the BN.
The whole BN machinery was trembling as if hit by S and P waves of earthquakes. They were grossly rattled and stunned by the Ramlang slashings, and their morale hit the shallowest abyss of their campaign trail. A lot of jockeys had to be pulled in to shore up the crumbling of their machinery, and those jockeys expectedly are none other than discarded ustaz and the melukut in the UMNO camp.
Such is the power of an unassumed small imam. Such is the Ramlang kill.